the beauty find I’m currently obsessed with…

… is called Duraline by Inglot Cosmetics. It’s a genius product and a must have for any beauty junkie’s cosmetics bag. It’s a waterless clean liquid serum that you apply to any powder to transform to liquid form. All you do is squeeze the dropper (a tiny bit goes a long way) to your eye shadows or dried out cream pots to make into liquid and apply as a liner. Amazing! I’m using it to revitalize all my cream pots and to get smoother application. Best part – it only retails $9.

Duraline by Inglot: 9 ml/.3 oz, paraben free, not tested on animals

I’m really digging this cosmetics line overall:

  • It has a Freedom System line, which allows you to mix and match your color cosmetics in different palettes. You can select from over 150 shades of eyeshadow, 90 shades of lipstick, and more.
  • The nail enamels are “breathable” which by utilizing the same technology as eye contact lense solution, allows moisture and air to reach the nail bed.
  • You get the same customization and product quality as the most prestige cosmetics lines, but with only a portion of the price.

You can shop online at or find Inglot at select Macys stores. Store listings also available online at:

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One Response to the beauty find I’m currently obsessed with…

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    This product sounds amazing!

    – KW

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