your bb, cc, and dd cream (wait, what?) cheat sheet

ImageI have to admit that I tried to ignore the whole BB cream fad, but then it evolved to CC creams and soon to be… yes, DD creams. I’m also seeing an emergence of BB creams for hair (what?), so finally I decided to find out what the buzz is about.

Quite simply, in the US (yes, they vary in each market) all these products are “all in one” solutions meaning that they supposedly reduce your 3-7 step regimen down to 1. Great, less time and money right? Maybe. Forget where it came from and the story behind it. Here is your cheat sheet simplified to exactly what you need to know:

BB (beauty or blemish blam) is a preventive cream that claims to be a sunscreen, moisturizer, anti-oxidant cream, primer, foundation, concealer in one.

  • It is much heavier than any cream that you’ve ever used (consider how many different features are piled into one).
  • Although there is SPF, experts say that most people do apply enough of this cream for adequate sun protection.
  • There is only a limited number of color versus a complete foundation line, making it difficult to color match.


CC (color corrective) cream is corrective for issues like redness and discoloration. It also has a sunscreen, primer, foundation, and concealor, but less of the skin-care benefits.

  • It is lighter-weight than BB creams and has more of a fluffy feel to it.
  • Similar to BB creams, you need to be cautious with the SPF and color match.


DD (dynamic do-all) creams are not yet on the market. There is so far only 1 brand I’m hearing about with this, and it claims everything a BB cream does with additional anti-aging agents and skin improvement over time.

The bottom line: If you aren’t in particularly concerned with any one issue, one of these creams is probably your best bet. It’ll save you time and money. However, if you have exceptionally dry skin, need more make-up coverage, or concerned about aging, I would recommend that you do not rely purely on these creams. Just like any beauty product, you’ll need to find the exact cream that meets your needs. Allure magazine has a summary of the 17 best BB and CC creams to treat different needs.

Now on to BB cream for the hair. This one makes me chuckle a bit. These creams are combining styling and care benefits into one, which has actually been around for quite some time. They’ll provide heat protection, shine, frizz control, and more with just 1 product. If that sounds good to you and you’re only doing basic styling, go for it. “It’s a 10” hair care is another option that is not labeled as BB cream but offers the same benefits.

So… what’s next?

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