my dry shampoo challenge solved

Hair stylists have always told me to wash my hair only every couple days. Unfortunately, this hasn’t always worked for me because although my hair is dry, it builds up grease on the top and that’s simply gross and unattractive. I was very happy when dry shampoos started popping up and I’ve gone from one brand to the next, never happy with a specific one. Here are some things I discovered:

  • Although it seems like dry shampoos by nature should have a pleasant scent, most actually smell bad.
  • You need to make sure that you spray about 6 inches away and actually brush it through (especially on darker hair as the product is initially white).
  • Because the product needs to be brushed through, they don’t work very well on curly or wavy hair.
  • Some dry shampoos are labeled as “volumizing” and actually have more of a hairspray texture. I find these ones sticky and hard to use.


I spent a lot of money (and dry shampoos are not cheap, so really A LOT) going from one product to the next before I saw a commercial for TRESemme Fresh Start. I typically don’t buy hair products at mass retailers, but this line caught my attention because it has a foam dry shampoo made specifically for curly hair. I decided to give it a try and there are 2 products in this line-up that I absolutely fell in love with:

  • Fresh Start Moisturizing Waterless Foam Shampoo: This applies with a foam pump and is great for curly hair. There is no powder so nothing to brush out, and it smells great! Best part – it retails for about $4.
  • Fresh Start Refreshing Mist: This adds a bit of shine to the air and neutralizes the odor with a nice, refreshing scent. I actually spray this on my hair all the time so that it always smells nice and fresh.

The TRESemme Fresh Start line-up also has a range of aerosol dry shampoos to meet different needs. Similar to any other aerosol dry shampoos, you have to spray about 6 inches away and brush through. These work great on straight hair and have the nice scent.

You can find TRESemme products at Target or any drug store.

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I'm a beauty marketer, aspiring fashionista, and health nut. I created beauty and sass to share the tips and advice I've gathered over the years. It's for anyone who wants to look good and feel awesome.
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