studded shoes: splurge or save?

I’ve been completely obsessed with the Valentino “Rockstud” collection but just can not bring myself to spend over $1000 for a pair of shoes. I’ve been searching around for a more affordable “closest thing” and stumbled upon a studded shoe collection at Zara. Nothing in the Zara collection compares to the  Valentino ‘Rockstud Crystal Noir’ (#1), but overall I’m digging Zara over the other Valentinos. These Zara metallic sandals and studded ankle strap pumps are definitely going to make their way into my closet.

studded shoes: splurge or save

Valentino: 1. ‘Rockstud Crystal Noir’ t-strap pumps, $1295 at Nordstrom; 2. ‘Rockstud’ sandal, $945 at Nordstrom; 3. ‘Rockstud’ bow flat sandal, $745 at Nordstrom; 4. ‘Rockstud’ t-strap flat, $845 at Nordstrom

Zara: 5. Studded flat sandal, $89.90; 6. Studded Metallic flat sandal, $79.90; 7.Studded sling back with ankle strap, $79.90 ; 8. Studded Vamp shoe, $79.90

**Find an updated studded shoe selection here**

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One Response to studded shoes: splurge or save?

  1. Litsa says:

    Love #8. Got them during the Zara sale!

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