moroccanoil: best product to tame those frizzies

Moroccan OilI found that the most important hair product to tame my frizzy hair is a leave in conditioner or treatment. As the hair dries, it gets more and more frizzy, so it’s best that I apply a great product to tame this before the hair starts acting up.

I’ve gone through a range of treatments, oils, creams before I discovered Moroccanoil. I was initially a bit turned off by it because (1) oils, by definition, are oily and (2) it was receiving too much hype! I received a free sample of the oil at a beauty trade show, and I have been HOOKED ever since.

Moroccanoil should not be confused with any serum – it’s much lighter-weight and has a great scent. It absorbs into the hair immediately to add just the right amount of shine.

Many other brands have tried to launch similar oils which I’ve tried and have not delivered the same results as Moroccanoil; they are either too oily, have a terrible scent, or simply do not work.

The original formula works best on coarse hair like mine, so they also launched Moroccanoil Treatment Light for fine hair. If you have little frizzies like I do, I highly recommend trying this out.

It’s a bit on the pricey side (0.8 oz for $16.60, 3.4 oz for $43), but worth every penny. And a little goes a long way.

It’s important that you apply this product correctly for optimal results. First, towel dried your hair. Put a small dime drop in your palm (a bit more depending on how much hair you have but stay conservative), rub through your fingers, and apply mid-shaft down to your ends.

Moroccanoil can be purchased online or at your local salon or beauty supply store.

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