the minimalist eye make-up tutorial

Summer is around the corner, and with that comes so many reasons to liven up your daytime look. It’s always difficult to manage the right daytime make-up; even a little can seem like too much. But there are going to be days (or hey, why not everyday) that you want to amp up your look a bit without thick layers of make-up and looking like you’re just trying way too hard.

The minimalist eye technique gives you the benefits of mascara and eyeliner for a nice daytime look that can also easily take you into the evening but simply adding a bit more.

What you’ll need:

benefit they're real and mac pen-page-001cream or liquid eyeliner in the same color as your mascara. A pen style liquid liner works best, as it allows you to get very precise and applies a good amount of color. I use the MAC ‘Penultimate’ Eye Liner, which has an incredibly precise tip for easy application. Note that a pencil eyeliner won’t work here as it smudges very easily and is difficult to blend well into the lash line.

a volumizing mascara. I use Benefit they’re real! mascara, which is one of the only mascaras I’ve used that has no clumping. It does everything you’ll need – lengthens, volumizes, separates, and lifts with no smudging.

eyelash curler (optional)

eye make-up remover (just in case)

eye liner day time

1. Apply your normal skincare regimen, including eye moisturizer.

2. Using your liner, get as close to your lashes as possible and use small strokes to thinly line your upper lashes. Only apply along the lash line for a natural look.

3. If you want to curl your lashes, begin at the root (without getting too close to the skin) and press the curler for about 10 seconds. Repeat for a second time if necessary. I skipped this step, but curling your lashes will open up your eyes and make the lashes appear longer.

4. Apply mascara by taking the wands to the base of your lashes and using a back and forth motion as you sweep up to the tips of the lashes. Repeat about 3 times.

5. To transform to an evening look, apply a thicker layer of eyeliner and add more to the outer eye for a more dramatic effect.

About ghazalehk

I'm a beauty marketer, aspiring fashionista, and health nut. I created beauty and sass to share the tips and advice I've gathered over the years. It's for anyone who wants to look good and feel awesome.
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3 Responses to the minimalist eye make-up tutorial

  1. daria says:

    I love all minimalistic!

    Thank you fir sharing!


  2. Kelly says:

    So pretty, what a great everyday look!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. GREAT make up tips 🙂 and Im so happy to follow you

    Check out my new post..HOT travel inspiration….Yucatan 🙂

    Have a lovely day dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – inredning it’s, Swedish for decor 🙂

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