forget your sandals summer looks

summer shoes

Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely love sandals for the summer. Unfortunately for me, last week I picked an outfit, reached for one of my favorite wedge sandals, took a quick look at my toes… and I realized it wasn’t happening. I have been running a lot and my feet were just butchered up and not pretty. Instead, I paired my outfit with my favorite pair of booties and I was off.

Whether you’re like me or maybe you just forgot to go for your regular summer pedicure, there are going to be days that we’re all going to have to skip our sandals. Here are 5 different types of non-sandal summer shoes that go well with summer outfits for those days you might want to cover up a bit.

Miu Miu nude pump1. nude pumps: Nude pumps should be a staple in every fashionista’s closet. They can be paired with just about everything, year-round. They go especially well during the summer with a light color dress for a night out.  Miu Miu leather platform pump, net-a-porter, $450; Elizabeth and James sheer panel flare dress, Intermix, $365

Zara sandal with ankle strap2. pseudo sandals: The pseudo sandal is great because it is essentially a sandal that hides the toes, meaning your toes don’t have to be perfectly pedicured. These Zara sandals are matched with a pair of jeans and a bright top that can be a great day or night look. Zara sandal with ankle strap, $49.90; Helmet Lang Chromer zipper back tank, Intermix, $325; Paige Denim Jimmy Jimmy Skinny distressed denim jeans, $229

Ecote Eliana double-zip boot3. booties: Booties tend to be a bit controversial for the summer since they cover up the feet completely and aren’t very breathable. If you choose to go this route (which I often do), choose a light summer appropriate color and make sure you pair them with something short so they don’t shorten your legs. Ecote Eliana double-zip boot, Urban Outfitters, $69; Rag & Bone/JEAN open back denim romper, Intermix, $275

B Brian Atwood Mercada Pump4. ankle strap pumps: Ankle strap pumps are a trendy look that you can wear during the day in the office and transform into a look for night. They look best with a skirt or shorts that show off the ankle strap, making it a perfect summer non-sandal shoe. B Brian Atwood Mercada stud pumps, Nordstrom, $210; Joie Rancher top, $158; Rebecca Taylor tweed & leather pencil skirt, $177

Loeffler Randall Tasmin Pump5. bright heels: Lastly, all heels that add a pop of color work well during the summer and are a fun way to liven up an otherwise simple outfit. Loeffler Randall Tasmin classic pump, $395; Madewell heathered linen v-neck tee, $45; Zara soft touch trousers, $49.90

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11 Responses to forget your sandals summer looks

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  2. Angel says:

    Speaking of running, I’ve been just recently searching for a good, comfy pair of running shoes! Haha it would have been a really great bonus if you added some good (AND cute) work out shoes too, but the post is still good nonetheless. Ugh, another problem besides toes that aren’t ready to be seen is the fact that when it gets really how out, my feet’s veins really start to show. I think it’s because my feet get hot and the blood needs to find a way to cool off better? I don’t know, I always thought that. But I suppose there’s no way around it besides wearing ankle boots or sneakers!

    • ghazalehk says:

      About the running shoes, I recommend skipping fashion (gasp I know) and selecting shoes based on your individual running strike and technique. It’s more important to have the right amount of cushioning and support to prevent injury. Typically a running speciality store can help with this.

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  4. That’s how I felt this morning. My feet is just ughhhh lets say i’ve been neglectful. I through on my nude ankle boots and I was good to go. Thanks for this awesome post.


  5. Ritika says:

    I agree here! Great post! Sandals are not the only thing we may need in summer! Shoes are pretty much life-savers some times!

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  7. Lindsey says:

    Love the alternatives to sandals! Agreed, some days the toenails are just not working in my favor, so it’s nice to have other options that still allow feet to breath!


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