5 DIY ways to use wine to beautify your home

wine DIY

I admit that I’m not usually a “do it yourself” type of girl, but I love quick and easy home solutions that have a unique twist. I also admit that I love wine and I’ve noticed some DIY home decor “projects” that are creative ways to use your old wine bottles and wine racks. Who knew wine solved so many problems?? (ok, don’t quote me on that…)

wine towel rack1. Use a hanging wine rack as a towel holder. I found this on Pinterest and it originated from the blog Rustic Living. My new place has really limited space, so this is a great space saver while still being really cute. Genius!

wine coaster DIY Lauren Conrad2. Make coasters using wine corks. Lauren Conrad used old wine corks and glued them together to make wine cork coasters. This is a really fun way to serve your guests wine! You can also follow Lauren’s idea of using them as a gift.

wine bottle spray painted vase

3. Spray paint old wine bottles and use as a vase. I originally found this on Pinterest, and it comes from photographer Jessica Loren’s website. The bottles shown were spray painted gold for a wedding, but you can really spray paint any color you want to match your home decor.

4. Use a wine rack as a sunglass holder. I have a great sunglass collection and have been looking for a creative way to display them for awhile now. I was pretty blown away when I saw this wine rack sunglass holder on Song of Style.

5. Use old wine bottles as bracelet holders. This also comes from Song of Style and is just the easiest and cheapest way to display your bracelet collection. Sometimes I buy my wines purely based on the label, so these are definitely the bottles to use to display your jewelry. You can even use the bottles to hold necklaces as well.

wine jewelry DIY song of style

Inspired by IFB Project #100

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