playtime with eyeshadow color theory

Color theory is fun to learn as a child; we mixed red, blue, and yellow paint until we came up with a complete color wheel. Remember primary and secondary colors?

color theory

It turns out that something so basic that we learned as children is directly related to fashion and beauty. Colors close together on the color wheel can be paired for a subtle look and colors opposite of each other create a higher contrast. This same theory applies to cosmetics, and in particularly eyeshadow. Think of the fun you had mixing colors as a child – color cosmetics is very similar. I love playtime!

Many women try to match their eye makeup to their clothing choices. You know you’ve seen it – the yellow dress with yellow eyeshadow, blue pants with bright blue eyeliner. Maybe you’ve even attempted it too before realizing it’s a little clownish. Or was that just me? Anyway, with eye makeup it always looks best if you select the colors that are most flattering to your eye color.

eyeshadow color wheel

Using a color wheel to find the colors that best suit you is rather simple (and even simpler with the eyeshadow “wheel” above): find your eye color and look directly across. That is the color that will make your eyes pop: blue eyes with gold, yellow, brown shades, brown with blue and purple shades, and green with pinks and reds. Hazel is a bit more fun, since it has specks of different colors and you can select shadow depending on what color you want to bring out in your eyes. Once again, find the color you want to bring out, and select the color directly across. 

If you’re looking to tone down your eyes (in particularly for brown eyes – I doubt you’ll want to wear blue or purple makeup everyday), just select a color next to your eye color on the wheel. And have fun with it – the color wheel brings playtime to eyeshadow wear. 

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One Response to playtime with eyeshadow color theory

  1. Tianna says:

    great tips! Knowing color and how they fit together def helps when applying cosmetics and doing color correction. Lovely collage!

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