a new take on being stylishly patriotic for the 4th of July

5 ways to be patriotic for the 4th of July

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Being patriotic for the 4th of July can sometimes feel a bit cheesy, but it can also be fun to get into the holiday spirit. Maybe you already have your cool American flag t-shirt ready to go for the occasion… OR  you can easily use the red, white, and blue pieces that you wear year round along with touches of other colors and prints to create a unique twist on being stylishly patriotic. Here are some tips and new twists on being fashionable for the 4th. 

Use denim as a starting point. If you’re unsure of what to wear, start off with selecting your favorite pair of denim jeans or shorts to cover your blue and go from there. You can easily throw on a white top and red accessories to complete your look. 

Embrace red lipstick and nails. I love to wear red lipstick, even when others may think it’s over the top. This is the perfect occasion to wear your bright red lipstick to feel more patriotic with a blue or white dress, or any other blue and white ensemble you may have.

Throw on a denim vest (or jacket if weather appropriate) to a red or white dress. Many dresses actually look better with a denim vest or jacket, and this is an easy way to be more patriotic and possibly even play down a dress for a casual celebration like a BBQ.

Add a touch of color that isn’t red, white, blue. There is no reason to be restricted to red, white, and blue. Sure, they should be the primary colors in your outfit (otherwise you just wouldn’t be patriotic at all), but feel free to throw on yellow accessories or a purse (as shown above), or even a print (like the leopard sunglasses above).

Replace white with silver, gold, or nude for a more interesting twist. Metallic and nude accessories are typically more versatile and fun, so feel free to bring them out and incorporate them into your outfit (similar to the blue dress with a silver purse and shoes above or red dress with a nude shoe and rose gold purse.)

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