refreshing summer drinks, european style

aperolI’m looking forward to spending the coming weekend here in Geneva with friends and enjoying the warm weather by the lake. It’s always nice to enjoy a few refreshing drinks while absorbing the sun. There are many tasty summer cocktails, and here are some of the popular ones here in Europe if you’re looking for additional ideas to enjoy this weekend.

A very popular summer cocktail here is the Aperol Spritz (above).  It is made with the Aperol liquor and has an citrus orange taste. You can make it using 3 parts chilled Prosecco (or white wine), 2 part Aperol, 1 part soda water and pour over ice in a wine glass. It also can be served with some sugar around the rim.

panacheI usually like to enjoy a panache (also known as shandy) during the summer. Think of it as a more refreshing beer – it’s merely a mixture of beer and “lemonade” (7 up or Sprite) which can be adjusted depending on how much beer or soda you prefer. There are brands that do sell this pre-made, but it tastes better when you mix it yourself. It’s also incredibly easy: 1 part chilled light beer and 1 part chilled 7up or Sprite (adjusted depending on taste.)

pimm'sMy favorite summer drink is a British favorite: the Pimm’s Cup. I find this one incredibly refreshing, especially if you add cucumbers and mint to the drink. It uses Pimm’s Original, which is a gin based (although you can barely taste the gin). To make you’ll need 1 part Pimm’s Original and 3 parts chilled 7up or Sprite. Add mint, cucumbers, strawberries, orange for additional flavor (mint and cucumber are highly recommended!)

rose wineLastly, the easiest summer drink that is very popular here is Rose wine. Do not mistake this for White Zin (and I say this because for a long time I refused to drink Rose thinking it was a fancy spin). Rose comes in a variety of tastes – from very dry to very sweet – and also a variety of colors. I tend to like the ones that have more red to them (which gets more similar to a red wine while still be refreshing). Serve chilled.

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