newly scented: cherry in the air

cherry in the air

I usually only wear floral scents. Some of my favorites are Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, Balenciaga Paris, and most recently Love by Chloe. I went to Sephora a few weeks ago in search of a few new scents. Since it typically takes a long time for me to find a scent that I can commit to (sometimes scents smell differently once I get home or I get bored after only a few wears), I scroll through Sephora’s selection of rollerball perfumes and buy a few before committing to a full bottle.

I decided to give a sweet scent a try to change things up with Cherry in the Air by Escada. It actually was just a 0.25 oz ounce spray (instead of a rollerball) but still gave me the chance to test a new perfume. Now 3 weeks later and almost done with the bottle, I’m addicted. The scent has a sweet cherry note with some floral secondary notes, making this the perfect sweet scent for even a floral scent lover. I’ll be going back to Sephora this week to buy a full bottle (especially since it is only a limited edition scent – time to stock up!)

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