premium polish patrol

nailpolishNail polish can be a lot of fun if you’re willing to play with colors and actually have the time and patience to go for regular manis/pedis OR wait for it to dry. For a long time, I was loyal to OPI – it has a very fun color selection, is reasonably priced, and applies better than some of the other comparable brands. Once in awhile, I would still splurge on the exclusive Chanel or Dior color but OPI has always been the brand of choice.

Now that both butter and deborah lippmann nail polishes have gotten very popular, I had to see how they compare to OPI.

pros: applies smoothly and with a lot of pigment (you will probably need 1-2 coats), fully dries within minutes,  unique color section, long lasting!
cons: not easy to find – it’s sold at Nordstrom and select Sephora stores at a somewhat high price point ($15)

deborah lippmann:
pros: applies with a lot of pigment (there are some colors that you will actually only need 1 coat), fully dries within minutes, fun color selection with sassy names, sold at many stores including Sephora, Nordstrom, and other department stores
cons: doesn’t apply or dry very smoothly, high price point ($17-19), chips as quickly as any other nail polish

bottom line: If you’re willing to splurge so that you can get quick drying time and easy application, I recommend going with butter. It can be worth the extra dollars to spend much less time applying and waiting for the polish to dry. At the end you’ll have that smooth finish (similar to OPI) whereas with deborah lippmann the finish was too rough to justify an even higher price point.

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  1. Nice shades! I have the Essie and Butter ones!

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