indulge in cashmere & wine for the lips

During a quick visit to Sephora earlier this week, I discovered the makeup line called BITE beautyIt is a collection of lip products that are infused with food-grade ingredients. I was drawn to the cashmere lip creams, a new small range of 6 colors that are named after wines (what can I say, I enjoy the finer things in life.) On first glance, they looked like lip gloss but actually applied with a creamy consistency and high pigment color. I’ve been looking for a new vibrant red lipstick so I bought the “Rioja” deep red shade.  BITE beauty cashmere lip cream

I’ve been using the cream all week and I absolutely love it! I’ll probably be back at Sephora to get either the port or bordeaux later this week (decisions, decisions…)

what I love:
– The applicator brush is a small sponge and allows for very clean application (especially important for high pigment red and wine colors!)
– While similar products are sticky, this formula is anything but and very lightweight.
– The cream is moisturizing on application but has a matte finish.
– The color is long wearing: it even stay put after finishing up a meal!

Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream, exclusive to Sephora for $28

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I'm a beauty marketer, aspiring fashionista, and health nut. I created beauty and sass to share the tips and advice I've gathered over the years. It's for anyone who wants to look good and feel awesome.
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One Response to indulge in cashmere & wine for the lips

  1. Libby says:

    I like the look of these (I wish I could buy them in the UK – we don’t have a Sephora here). But if I can ever get them in England, I’d definitely go with the Sancerre shade. It’s divine x

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