baby got backpack?

There’s always the trade-off between fashion and practicality. Usually that practicality has more to do with comfort. In the case of the fashion backpack, it’s functional and practical, but isn’t there a reason we left them after high school? Once we know better, we do better?

Living in San Francisco with tourists galore, reckless backpack wear is prevalent. There are many crowded places and with any sudden movement, a backpack can whack someone. And of course, the person wearing the backpack is utterly clueless.

From a fashion perspective, backpacks make even less sense: (1) it’s on your back, so not actually part of your overall look and (2) limits access to your belongings (a must for any beauty junkie or fashionista).

Clearly, this isn’t a fashion trend I’m willing to embrace anytime soon but felt compelled to put together some do’s and don’t for those who are taking this one backpacks

– Consider your surroundings when you’re wearing a backpack. Are you in a crowded space? Use one with a top handle and hold it when you’re walking through a crowd.
– Wear a backpack to work. You’ll look childish, and people probably won’t respect you but at least you put it down for it to never be seen again.
– Wear a backpack if you commute with a bike. This is one of the few instances where a backpack makes sense for increased safety. If you are concerned about looking childish, invest in a structured convertible backpack with a top handle (like the Cambridge and ONE backpacks above).
– Use a backpack for camping, hiking, or any other obvious choice.

– Use a backback exclusively.
– Wear a backpack to a club (unless you’re going to a rave).
– Wear a backpack in constrained crowded places that could impact anyone in a sudden movement (bus, elevator, etc).
– Wear a backpack in a high tourist zone. Theft is common in these areas and wearing your belongings on your back makes you an easy pickpocket target.

Fashion backpacks (above from left to right):
Cambridge satchel backpack, $205 at Shopbop
Miley Riley Backpack, $350 at Shopbop
Herschel Supply polka dot mini backpack, $50 at Shopbop
Topshop zip backpack, $160
ONE by Helianthus convertible backpack, $946 at Shopbop

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  1. Yes! I love mini backpacks!

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