saving face: 5 DIY ways to revive old or broken makeup

DIY makeup repairsMakeup is fun to play with – so many colors, different ways to apply, and many looks to try out. But it’s not fun when your makeup breaks, dries out, or melts and it may even stop you from buying that product again. Don’t merely throw out your makeup when something goes wrong… most makeup can actually be revived! These are 5 DIY makeup quick fixes I’ve learned over the years.

1. Shattered powder: It’s so frustrating to go on a trip and to find that my favorite blush or eyeshadow shattered in transit. This is a quick fix that works on any powder: foundation compact, eyeshadow, or blush.

What you’ll need: rubbing alcohol, small spoon
What you’ll do:
– Using the spoon, even out the consistency of the shattered powder (which make require you to crush it further).
– Take a few drops of the alcohol (if you don’t have a dropper, just use the cap to control the amount of alcohol). It may take up to an entire cap of alcohol for a full compact powder.
– Using the spoon, mix the alcohol and powder until you get a cream consistency.
– Press the powder using the back of the spoon to create a smooth surface.
– Let the powder sit for several hours (or overnight) to set.

2. Sticky or dry nail polish: I collect so many different colors of nail polishes that there are ones that will sit for months and months before I get back to using them. By that time, they are sticky or dried out and seem unusable.

What you’ll need: nail polish remover
What you’ll do:
– Put a few drops (only a few!!) using the remover cap or a dropper (if you have one) into the nail polish.
– Shake the nail polish and test out the consistency.
– Carefully repeat until you get the right consistency (it should only take 3-5 drops).

3. Dried out cream (or gel) liner: I absolutely love cream eyeliners, but there is something about the creamy consistency and the long lasting wear that makes them dry out fairly easily.

What you’ll need: baby oil OR Duraline liquid dropper (amazing product – review here)
What you’ll do:
– Simply add 1 drop of either product to the cream.
– Use your eyeliner brush to mix the oil and apply.

4. Melted lipstick: Well, fortunately this won’t be an issue we’ll be dealing these days as summer is long gone… but this tip is a good tip to know in case anything happens or if your lipstick breaks.

What you’ll need: a lighter or match, a cotton pad
What you’ll do:
– Hold the broken piece with a cotton pad (to avoid a mess).
– Take the broken piece and melt the bottom with the lighter.
– Press the melted bottom of the broken piece back to the base of the remaining lipstick.
– Let the lipstick harden before using again – about 30 minutes.

5. Dried out mascara: No repair. Throw it out!!

What you’ll need: new mascara!

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  1. Great post! Thanks for the tips!

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