DIY colorful birthday margarita salt

DIY colorful birthday margarita saltI’m in LA to celebrate my best friend Noa’s birthday. I wanted to make something fun to celebrate, but since I was traveling for it I needed to make something that was easy to bring on the plane with me. I came up with the idea to make colorful margarita salt to look like birthday funfetti. This is a very easy DIY and can be used for occasions other than birthdays too!

What you’ll need: margarita salt (I prefer lime flavor), food coloring (I used a mini set that included red, green, blue, and yellow), plastic bags (1 for each color you’ll use).

What you’ll do:
1. Split the margarita salt evenly in the plastic bags.
2. Put about 4 drops of food coloring in each plastic bag (1 color per bag).
3. Seal the bag and shake the bag until the food coloring is mixed.
4. Repeat the process for each of the colors.
5. Let the colorful salt sit in the bags for about 1 hour to set.
6. Pour the salt back into the margarita salt container and it’s ready to use!make DIY colorful birthday margarita saltmixing DIY colorful birthday margarita saltmake DIY colorful birthday margarita salt by mixing food coloringDIY colorful birthday margarita salt mixed

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2 Responses to DIY colorful birthday margarita salt

  1. LFFL says:

    Looks refreshing. Like the salt.

  2. Noa! says:

    I actually put this on some roasted corn last night and it was really good!

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