wrap your holiday look with these makeup color trends

holiday makeup color guideThe holiday season is always a fun time of year. Aside from spending time with family and friends, it’s the time of year where we can indulge a bit, but it’s always about setting up the boundaries. I love holiday makeup because of the darker and more bold colors, glitter and shimmer, and that it is acceptable to break some of those traditional makeup rules. Bold lips with bold eyes, all okay! As we head into holiday season, I created a guide on how to best wear this season’s hottest color trends.

burgundy: Burgundy is a versatile color and is flattering with most skin tones. If you like this color but afraid to wear burgundy makeup, try out a nail polish.
lipstick: A burgundy lip is rather bold but can work on any skin tone. If you have fair complexion, keep your face and eyeshadow minimal and try wearing a bold eyeliner. For darker complexions, wear it with a smokey eye (yes it’s okay to break the rules a bit).
eye makeup: Burgundy eye makeup works best with green eyes, as the contrast will make the eyes pop. If you’re willing to experiment, I recommend trying a burgundy mascara. It’s closer to the eye, so it’ll widen your green eyes and really make them stand out.

From above:
Dolce & Gabbana nail laquer in dahlia
BITE beauty cashmere lip cream in Bordeaux 
Make Up Forever aqua cream in plum
Yves Saint Laurent ‘Volume Effet Faux Cils’ mascara in Burgundy

emerald green: I love emerald green clothes for the holidays, and sometimes we have the tendency to want to match our makeup to our clothes. Even during the holidays, wear makeup that is the most flattering to your complexion and eyes. Emerald green is a great choice for nail polish, or alternatively add just a touch of green shadow to the outer corner of your eyes.

From above:
NARS Single Eyeshadow Night Porter
Deborah Lippmann nail color Laughin To The Bank

holographic: Holographic makeup is very on trend this fall and winter. There is a fine line between holographic looking completely ridiculous and a fun holiday accent. It works best as a nail polish with a simple dress. It can also work as a lip gloss to add a shimmer – just make sure you’re not going on shimmer overload (with eyes, lips, cheeks – limit yourself to either shimmery eyes or shimmery cheeks and lips).

From above:
essie Nail Polish For The Twill Of It
Inglot Cosmetics Lip Gloss 546

copper: Copper should not be mixed up with a summer bronze. When wearing this color for the holidays, stay away from copper blushes or adding plenty of bronzer.
nail polish: While most nail colors do work on most people, watch out with copper colors. Typically, copper nail colors don’t work well if your skin tone is too similar to the nail color or for anyone with very pink undertones.
lipstick: A copper lipstick is a great addition for either a minimalist makeup look or one with bold eyeliner.
eye color: Copper and bronze colors are a great contrast to a blue eye. If you have blue eyes, feel free to experiment with copper eyeliners and eyeshadows. Pair it with a subtle pink lipstick to complete your holiday look.

From above:
Urban Decay glide-on eye pencil in smog – copper shimmer
Formula X for Sephora in peridot and metallic
Smashbox ‘Limitless’ Long Wearing Lip Gloss in Eternity
NARS Single Eyeshadow Galapagos
Smashbox Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Deep Bronze

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One Response to wrap your holiday look with these makeup color trends

  1. Sophie says:

    I love this post! I will definitely be referring back to it as Christmas approaches. I luurrrve everything burgundy! I have some emerald eye glitter but it’s quite a statement so I’ve only worn it a couple of times. I would really love to get some holographic nail polish xoxo


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