4 jackets (or coats) that every sasstress must own

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trend shopping, but it’s most important to make sure that you’ve got all your classics and essentials covered. I absolutely love all the statement coats and new coat shapes this season, but there are always 4 essential types of coats that I wear year round, year after year. These will literally cover all your needs throughout the fall and winter and help expand your wardrobe.

4 coats every sasstress must have - a black blazera black blazer: A classic black blazer may seem rather boring, but it is incredibly versatile. You can wear it to everything from a girls night out (with a dress or skinny jeans and top) to an important work meeting or presentation. It’s also a life saver for when you’re feeling in particularly lazy. You can be wearing a pair of old jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt and add a blazer for a polished look. It’s important to buy a well fitted and high quality blazer to get that polished look, but well worth the investment. A nice blazer will last you years.

From above (from left to right):
J.Crew schoolboy blazer, $198
Wilfred drapey blazer, $225 at Aritzia 
Zara gathered shoulder blazer, $79.99

4 coats every sasstress must own - the denim jacketa denim jacket: This is the piece that most sasstress’ are missing, but lucky for you it’s not going to break the bank. Just this 1 item alone will expand your wardrobe. If you’re wary about sporting this look, I challenge you to start going through some of your cocktail dresses. Add a denim jacket to those and suddenly – they are casual enough for day wear! You’ll be wearing dresses that you haven’t worn in months (or even years) more regularly. It’ll also make your life easier as you’ll be able to take the same dress from day to night. If you live in colder temperatures, you can still wear a denim jacket but just add a warmer coat while you’re outside or commuting.

From above (left to right):
Topshop bleach jacket, $45
Paige denim jacket, $189 at net-a-porter
H&M denim jacket, $15

4 coats every sasstress must own - the leather jacketa leather jacket: For many years I wanted a leather jacket but just thought I wasn’t cool enough. I may still not be cool enough, but I have a few leather jackets that I love and have lasted me years. Leather jackets are a necessity to balance an outfit – I love very feminine touches (lace, flowers, bows) and adding a leather jacket adds a bit of edge to the overall look.

A few tips on buying leather jackets: (1) You must find the right jacket – there are many different styles. Select the styles and shapes that you’re the most comfortable with and is the most flattering. (2) Splurge on a jacket that you like and will last you years. There are a few brands that make several styles of leather jackets, so use those stores as a starting point. My recommendation is AllSaints and Vince. If you’re against leather, I recommend Topshop for well fitted faux leather. (3) Once you find a style that works, shop around a bit. If you can spend around $500-$1000 on a jacket, go ahead and buy it. If not, wait until the jacket goes on sale (and it will – even at stores like AllSaints). You won’t have to worry about your jacket going out of style.

From above (clockwise from top left):
Topshop faux leather biker jacket, $110
AllSaints biker jacket, $510.50
AllSaints jacket, $367.50
Topshop quilted faux leather puffer, $136
Helmut Lang hooded leather jacket, $995 at net-a-porter 

4 coats every sasstress must own - the wool coata wool coat: This is a classic coat that everyone needs for colder weather, and is especially useful for formal events. You can wear it as an overcoat for everything, including on top of the other 3 jackets. As a classic piece, this is also worth an investment but I included some more affordable styles above. The higher the percentage of wool, the warmer (and higher quality) the coat will be, so check that while you’re out shopping for this essential.

From above (from left to right):
Zara wool coat with hook and eye closure, $159.99
Zara combination coat, $139.99
Topshop wool hooded coat, $178

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6 Responses to 4 jackets (or coats) that every sasstress must own

  1. Ashley says:

    Lucky for me, I have all of these! Not to mention various other coats (and about 5 leather jackets…) Addiction? I’d say so.

    xo Ashley

  2. rachel says:

    It funny, for years I wanted a structured black blazer and a good leather coat. I have found though that the tailored shape most of them come in just don’t look good for my body. I ended up going for the chavelier blazer by wilfred (sold at artizia) for its draping and now have it in several colors–I use it as my “suit” jacket for work. I am hoping to one day find a drapey leather coat that loks good.


    • ghazalehk says:

      I also have the chevalier blazer by Wilfred – love it! I’m also on the hunt for a nice drapey leather jacket. I love the ones at Vince but a bit over my budget for now.

  3. Afeeyah says:

    I love a good wool coat.

  4. Norma Fay says:

    You made some great choices. I now own all of these jackets. The best part is I got a great deal on them by shopping at Burlington. They have really good prices.

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