DIY glitter monogram mugs

DIY monogram mugAnthropologie always has the cutest home decor. I rarely get to buy any of it because it’s either a bit steep for my budget or just not quite right. I really love all their vintage looking monogram mugs, but instead of just getting one at anthro, I decided to just make one that looks the way that I want. I found a scallop mug that I love at Target (set of 4 here – you can find individual ones at the store) to make my own. For the letter (g), I decided to go with glitter paint, because, well I love glitter. DIY monogram mug inspiration

What you’ll need: a stencil (you can easily make this at home with a printer and scissors – and use any font you want!), tape, paint, brush, mug. For the paint, be careful to select one that works with ceramic (or in my case porcelain) and follow the preparation instructions. Some require you to clean with the surface with alcohol and wait about 20 days before using.  (I used the Martha Stewart one here)
DIY monogram mug

What you’ll do

Tape the stencil on the mug. This works best if you tape the top and bottom only, then add some double stick tape on the stencil. Don’t worry about any loose corners, as the paint will keep those down.DIY monogram mug

Remember to cover your surface before you start painting. Using the brush, paint over the stencil. Allow it to dry for the appropriate time (mine was 1 hour) and then go over the paint a second time. Allow it to dry for another hour before you remove the stencil. Clean up any excess paint around the letter. Let the mug sit to completely dry for another 24 hours. DIY monogram mug

Wash the mug and it’s ready to use! DIY monogram mug-3

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  1. What a great DYI – it seems so straight forward and fun!

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