the thin line between ombre and two tone hair

the thin line between ombre and two tone hair by beauty and sassOmbre hair is a look that gives me anxiety. When it’s done right, it looks great. But that’s the issue. It’s very rarely done right. In fact, the only people I’ve seen with fantastic ombre hair are celebrities who have the money and time for several gradual shades of color with the best hair colorists. Or the hair colorists themselves. Or… the blonde who let her roots grow out to the point that it no longer looks so awkward. Or… Jared Leto. But in most cases, ombre actually looks like two tone hair.

I thought ombre was “out”, so 2008-2009, but apparently it’s one of the longest lasting color looks in history (okay, I can’t verify that). It was back in 2008 that I decided to have ombre highlights myself. At first it was just a very slight gradual ombre highlight. It gave me the guts to go a little more dramatic, and the next time I left the salon with a dramatic two-tone look. It was horrific. Traumatizing. I’ve obviously recovered since, but needless to say, “ombre” is not my favorite look.

There is a thin line between ombre and two tone hair. For someone who gets subtle highlights, ombre may be an option to help with the upkeep (the roots will just be part of the look). But proceed with caution and beware of the two tone. A few tips if you decide to try out the look:

DO go to a GOOD salon. DON’T try ombre highlights at home.
DO ask for subtle highlights. DON’T go with huge contrasts in color.
DON’T wear your hair straight. It just overemphasizes the color contrast.

*above image from Allure magazine*

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