the practical side of bracelet stacking

practical bracelet stackingUp until recently, bracelets were the accessory that I would buy and very rarely wear. They just are not very practical. They move around so much and can be rather annoying, especially for those of us who talk with our hands. “Clink clink!”

Bracelet stacking can be even more ridiculous. It looks great in a picture, but in reality, you probably aren’t going to work, typing on your computer all day, and walking around to meetings with a huge stack of bangles.

I only very recently started wearing a mild bracelet stack and found it to be more practical than what you may see in a great Instagram picture. This is a guide to having a simple bracelet stack that stays in place and looks professional at work.

Begin your stack with a wrap or stretch bracelet. You want a statement piece on the outside, but need that first bracelet to be secure on your arm to prevent the entire stack from moving around too much.

Mix and match a few stretch bracelets of different sizes and styles but limit your stack to 4 pieces in total.

End your stack with an adjustable cuff. This is the skinniest part of your arm, and every other type of bracelet will be too loose at the top. An adjustable cuff (which can be difficult to find) is one of the few bracelets that can be tightened to fit and keep the entire stack in place.

To add your watch to your stack, wear it in the center of the stack. It just looks best this way.

Avoid bangles and chain links. These bracelets tend to move around a lot and can be rather annoying to you and those around you. The exception here is if you can find very fitted ones (unlikely) and secure the bracelet with stretch bracelets and/or adjustable cuffs on each side.

Only stack one arm.  This is just a more professional and classy look. You can balance it by adding your watch on the other hand, or a delicate bracelet with a few rings.

For more tips, check out Who What Wear’s bracelet stacking tutorial or check out some of my favorite stretch bracelets and cuffs below.

bracelet stacks via beauty and sass

left (from top):  stone wrap wristband // pyramid stretch bracelets // bold bright stone stretch bracelet // metal and crystal stretch bracelet // elastic raindrop bracelet

right (from top): feathers adjustable cuff bracelet // stretchy chevron bracelet // gold stone stretch bracelet // baroque rose bracelet //  elastic pyramid bracelet // faux stone stretch bracelet

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