brush aside a bad hair day with the side pony

the side pony

Winter weather (and in particularly high winds in SF) can cause really messy, stringy, and frizzy hair. It just really sucks when you spend time styling your hair, only to have strong winds blow it out of place.

One of my favorite hairstyles to overcome bad winter weather is the side pony (also a favorite of Andy Cohen for any of you who watch Bravo). The side pony pulls your hair out of your face and prevents the wind from blowing it on your face and makeup. At the same time, the hair is still framed around the face and keeps your hairstyle intact.

The side pony is also great solution for a lazy hair day. It’s a hairstyle that works for every hair type. If you’re going to sport the side pony, these are some shortcuts to styling your hair.

Straight hair: For an extra sleek look, straighten the front of your hair with a flat iron. You can also add waves or curls by curling the pony AFTER it’s already pulled to the side (a big time saver).

Wavy/Curly hair: For a polished look, pull your curls into the side pony but then use a flat iron to only straighten the front of your hair. If you want a straight side pony, try straightening your hair with a flat iron AFTER it’s already pulled to the side.

Braids & Twists: You can also change up a basic side pony by braiding or twisting your hair into a side pony. Braids & twists also help hold your hair in place. For this look, braid or twist your hair from one side to the other and pull into the side pony.

Additional tips: Keep your side pony low for an updated look and use bobby pins and hairspray to keep your hair in place.

braids and twists on the side ponyImages via Le Fashion and Luella Loves

Images above via People StyleWatch, Primped, and Total Beauty

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