first friday february inspiration

I’ve added a few different series to the blog this year (including personal style) for more of a personal touch. Of course everything I talk about on the site are topics I am interested in, but this particular series of inspiration is supposed to put everything together a bit. A few of these (definitely Fashion Week & triathlon training) will consume most of my weekend. Have a great weekend! And don’t forget to shop the Peter Pilotto x Target collection on Sunday!

New York Fashion Week Fall 2014Images via Zimmerman, Creatures of ComfortThakoon Addition

It’s Day 2 of New York Fashion Week! While everyone else is excited about the Olympics, I’m more excited about seeing what trends are coming up for Fall 2014.

oversized coatImage via Atlantic-Pacific

I realize that with a petite frame, oversized clothes aren’t always the most flattering. But, I’ve always been a fan and the same goes with the oversized coat. Although it’s already February, San Francisco tends to be a bit chilly year round so I’m off to scour the sales for a great deal on a bright colored oversized coat. By the way, oversized coats are all over the runways so this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

orange lipstickImage via Pinterest and Harpar’s Bazaar Tumblr

Lipstick is a beauty essential for me, and I love to make a statement with it. I typically go for all shades of red (and more recently some berry shades). Orange lip colors will be on trend for Spring, and while they do make a statement… orange can be a difficult color to match with any skin tone. I do like the look, so I’m going to be searching for the right shade for my olive skin.

pain is weakness leaving the bodyImage via Reasons to be Fit tumblr

Lastly, I started my triathlon training this week. This season is my second training, and so far I’m signed up for a few races between April and June. Triathlon training is time consuming and challenging, from both a mental and physical standpoint. I’m all about mantras and this is what I keep telling myself anytime I want to stop. It helps (at least most of the time).

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