my near end of winter – almost spring shopping list

I’ve changed my shopping habits a bit over the last couple years. I used to just go shopping and walk out with bags and bags, only to get home and realize I still had nothing to wear. Have you been there too? Now I actually spend time online, figure out the styles and trends I want to wear, and then go on the hunt to find the perfect items. Overall, I think I spend the same amount but I end up with what I really want. Obviously, I don’t stick to this 100% of the time, but overall – it works.

Lately, I’ve been having an itch to shop but I realize this is also a tough time of year. A lot of the sales are pretty much over, and the new spring collections haven’t come in yet. Even if you do find something great on sale, there’s always that risk that it’ll be completely out of style next season. So, it’s basically about shopping for timeless pieces or ones that you know you’ll love for awhile. These are the 4 items that are on my shopping list for this winter to spring transition period. my winter to spring shopping list

Oversized coats: I mentioned my love for oversized coats in my February inspiration and I’m really searching for the perfect one. I know what you’re thinking, who buys a coat at the end of the winter season? For one, oversized coats are all over the Fall 2014 runways, so this trend is not going away anytime soon. Next, SF is pretty chilly year round! I’m hoping to find a great coat on sale. So far, I like both of these styles from Zara and DVF.

Red handbags: Red is timeless and looks great all year round. I’ve had a red handbag on my shopping list but just haven’t found the right one. Then I laid my eyes on this Givenchy handbag and fell completely in love. It’s not quite in my budget so I’ll have to settle for something more reasonable like this one from MZ Wallace.

Midi/Maxi skirts: Midi and maxi skirts are so feminine, and appropriate for nearly every occasion and in all kinds of weather. You can wear them with a tank top in the summer and a sweater in winter. Forever 21 has a great selection of maxi skirts like this polka dot one, and I’m about to press the purchase button for this Topshop pink bubble skirt.

d’Orsay flats: The d’Orsay flats are another that work year round. I especially love them for the spring and summer for those days that my toes aren’t groomed for sandals. I want a few different styles and love these Jeffrey Campbell lace flats and these Lucky brand nude flats.

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