sasstress approved: 5 easy to make vegan desserts

Dietary restrictions can be especially difficult when it comes to our favorite desserts. I’m figuring out this whole gluten free thing and in the process, I’m learning a bit about vegan baking as well. Baking without eggs or butter may seem impossible at first, but there are a lot of substitutes. The Kitchn has a great guide to vegan substitutes here if you’re looking to adapt some of your favorite recipes. Otherwise, I’ve gathered 5 of the easiest to make vegan dessert recipes that are worth trying out. vegan red velvet cupcake recipered velvet cupcake recipe (image & recipe at the Tolerant Vegan): Cocoa powder is the key ingredient in red velvet and fortunately, it’s already vegan. This recipe has some clever substitutes for eggs & butter to get to that delicious red velvet taste.

cinnamon vanilla coffee cakecinnamon vanilla coffee cake (image & recipe at the Bold Vegan): A lot of vegan cakes can be a little dry and grainy. This one uses Earth Balance and coconut milk to make the cake moist and tasty.

vegan chocolate chip cookieschocolate chip cookies (image & recipe at Veggie on a Penny): I just learned that semi-sweet chocolate chips (the creator of this recipe specifically mentions Ghiradelli) are vegan. With some vegan margarine and soymilk, you’re set with some classic chocolate chip cookies!

vegan apple cinnamon doughnut bitesapple cinnamon doughnut muffins (image & recipe at Dough See Dough): This recipe cleverly uses applesauce to moisten the cake as well as add to the flavor. The best part is that its really easy and quick to make! Don’t they look amazing?

vegan chocolate cakechocolate cake (image & recipe at I bake he shoots): Everyone needs a great classic chocolate recipe. Instead of sprinkling confectioners sugar, try sprinkling some sea salt for a salted chocolate cake.

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