a simple margarita recipe, 4 ways

simple margarita recipe, 4 waysTomorrow is one of my favorite “holidays”, National Margarita day. At one point, tequila was my liquor choice but now that I’m “wiser”, I opt for simpler drinks like a glass of wine or just plain water. Okay, maybe not.

This is a simple margarita recipe. It works really well for a house party or small get together that you don’t want the fuss of buying all the ingredients and having to perfect each drink. The main ingredient here is good tequila (of course, ideally Patron Silver or better) and… Simply Limeade. You can find it at any grocery store and it tastes great! Trust me. Sure it’s not restaurant quality, but it’s great for a house party. And it can be easily be made into flavored margaritas. Below are the recipes for my favorite 4: basic, cucumber, spicy, and pomegranate.

simple margarita mixersIngredients:
margarita salt
Patron Silver
Simply Limeade
soda water
cucumbers (for the cucumber flavor)
jalapenos, sliced (for spicy flavor)
pomegranate juice (for pomegranate flavor)

simple margaritaBasic Margarita:
1. Rub a lime on the rim of a cup and place the rim into a bowl of margarita salt (optional step if you like salt!)
2. Put ice in the cup and add 1 shot of Patron.
3. Add 3 parts limeade and 1 part soda water.

simple margarita, cucumberMake it into a cucumber margarita:
1. Follow the basic margarita recipe steps.
2. Add a slice of cucumber (or a few for more cucumber flavor).

simple margarita, spicyOr make it into a spicy margarita:
1. Follow the basic margarita recipe steps.
2. Add 3 slices of jalapeño.

simple margarita, pomegranateOr make it into a pomegranate margarita:
1. Follow steps 1-2 of the simple margarita recipe.
2. Add 3 parts pomegranate juice and 1 part limeade.

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One Response to a simple margarita recipe, 4 ways

  1. whatwewear says:

    amazing ideas, thanks for sharing! we are definitely trying these for our next cocktail party 🙂
    xoxo Vera & Rony

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