at home mani must have: butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator

butter LONDON melt away cuticle eliminatorSo I have to admit that I have not been following my own fall/winter beauty advice. I always say that regular manicures are necessary, and even more so when it’s cold and our hands are just about all the skin we’re showing. For some reason, I haven’t been able to go out and get a manicure. I guess because I’ve been busy? Or maybe lazy?

Well, I guess we all have times when we are long overdue for a mani, pedi, haircut, facial, SOMETHING. During those times, it’s nice to have some easy at home solutions. One of my new favorites for at home nail upkeep is butter LONDON ‘Melt Away’ Cuticle Eliminator. This product has been around for quite sometime (as I discovered after I bought it), but since it’s relatively new to me, I figure it may be new to you too.

I’m THAT person who excessively plays around at make-up counters and ends up leaving the store with multi color nails. So, I was testing out some butter colors at Nordstrom when this cuticle eliminator caught my eye and I decided to try it out. I used the applicator brush to apply on my cuticles and used my finger (NOT as directed) to see if it made a difference. Sure enough, it broke down the dead skin and I could brush off the cuticles with my finger. Easy. I was sold.

When trying at home, don’t do what I did. After cleaning your hands, apply the cuticle eliminator with the brush and wait 2 minutes before using a plastic cuticle pusher (or a soft brush) to gently push back the cuticles and remove the excess “debris”. Wash your hands, apply some hand cream, and begin your at home manicure with your base coat. It is much easier and more effective than other cuticle removers, and kept my nails presentable up until Sunday when I finally got my much needed manicure.

I recommend butter LONDON ‘Melt Away’ Cuticle Eliminator for anyone who is trying to maintain pretty hands without the hassle (and talent) of being a professional manicurist at home. It doesn’t come up a cheap price tag ($19), but totally worth it.

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