getting laquered up: my spring nail polish colors

Since discovering butter LONDON Melt Away, I’ve been really playing around with different nail polishes for spring. I’ve always been into deep wine and red shades, but I’m trying to go beyond comfort zones to actually wear a few colors that are more spring/summer appropriate. I’ve come somewhere between – a few spring colors, a few opposite, and a few in my comfort zone.

getting lacqured up - nail polish colors of the moment
butter LONDON in Cotton Buds: I was initially turned off by white nail polish. Maybe because it reminds me of white out? BUT. It actually looks great on most women, especially those with olive skin tone. A lot of white nail polishes apply too sheer, but this one from butter has the perfect amount of pigment (you will only need 1-2 coats)!

essie in Lovie Dovie (pink): Pastels are one of the big spring color trends, and I just love this girly cotton candy pink.

Floss Gloss in Fastlane (coral): Coral is yet another spring color trend, and this BRIGHT coral instantly puts me in a good mood. (I’m wearing it on Instagram here)

Deborah Lippmann in Between The Sheets (orchid): You can’t go wrong with the color of the year!

Lancome in Noir Angora (dark gray): Okay, not necessarily a spring color but it’s neutral and versatile. And at least it’s not black?

butter LONDON in Giddy Kipper (electric blue): This is the newest addition to my nail polish collection. It’s a beautiful electric blue-violet color and nearly as versatile as any neutral color.

butter LONDON in Wallis (metallic khaki): I absolutely love this pretty metallic and glitter khaki color. It is my only nail polish not in my usual color palette that I’ve been reaching for regularly this past year.

OPI in Malaga Wine (wine): Just a brighter shade of a color that I love.

What are your favorite nail colors?

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