happy PI day with these 5 pie recipes

I’m really looking forward to resting (and being productive) this weekend. I’m planning a pretty low key weekend. I may run a 12K on Sunday (it’s a beautiful course from Sausalito, over the Golden Gate Bridge to SF), but I may also choose to sleep in. We’ll see!

As for today, it’s PI (3.14) day! To celebrate, I found 5 of the tastiest looking and sounding dessert pies… I may make one of these tonight (with a gluten free crust of course), or perhaps order a savory pizza pie instead and save these for another day. Happy pie/PI day and enjoy your weekend!

dutch apple pieThis Dutch apple pie almost looks too perfect to eat. (via apple 2 the pie)

strawberry chocolate pieStrawberries and chocolate always complement each other, so why not combine them with this fresh strawberry pie recipe? (via The Jolly Tomato)

french silk pieI’ve always loved French silk ice cream by Dreyer’s so this French Silk pie recipe caught my eye. It looks so decadent, I’m beginning to drool. (via Peacoats and Plaid)

banana-cream-pie-with-salty-bourbon-caramelWhen I made my banana cream pie, I did THINK about making it with salted caramel. but didn’t quite get there. This recipe takes it to the next level as a banana cream pie with salted caramel bourbon. Um, yum? (via Bon Appetit)

maple pecan bars_Okay, of course I had to include a favorite from my personal recipe archives… maple pecan pie made into bars. (original recipe via Williams-Sonoma and my take here)

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One Response to happy PI day with these 5 pie recipes

  1. Merrissa says:

    I remember celebrating PI day in high school–thank you for the flush of memories!
    I need to try those maple pecan pie bars!! They look delicious.

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