baking essentials to add to dessert making fun

There are a lot of things I love about baking and dessert making. A lot of it has to do with seeing people enjoy my creations. I’m telling you, it puts a smile on everyone’s faces including those who claim to not have a sweet tooth! The rest of it has to do with the process itself, but you also need the right baking essentials to ease the dessert making process and get the outcome looking and tasting right. A mixer is at the top of my list (and the Kitchenaid stand mixer is definitely my next splurge), but here are 8 other essentials to add to the dessert making fun. dessert making fun1. A rolling pin is a must to easily roll out pie crusts, cookie dough, and more, and with the right amount of pressure (as in not too much). Oh, and pink just makes all that rolling more fun.

2. A tart pan helps keep your tart and crust intact. All you need to do is release the removable bottom, put it on a plate, and serve.

3. Caking decorating gets more precise and organized with this 50 piece cake decorating kit.

4.  These mini pie pans are ideal for baking for a small dinner party, or alternatively for making a few different pies. I just bought these myself and can’t wait to use them!

5. Similarly, a mini cupcake/muffin pan makes party appropriate bite size desserts. Everyone ends up cutting up the full size cupcakes, so I’ve completely replaced my full size pan with this one.

6. If you’re messy like me, this polka dot apron will keep the flour off your clothes. Or you can just wear it to look pretty in the kitchen. By the way, you can match it with an equally adorable oven mitt and potholder.

7. This is another cute apron option with a cupcake print.

8. A multiple cake pan set takes you to professional cake making in record speed. It allows you to bake up to 5 smaller size cakes to make a layered cake. Your guests will be impressed by the outcome.

Do you have any other baking, or even cooking, essentials to add to my list? Let me know! 

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I'm a beauty marketer, aspiring fashionista, and health nut. I created beauty and sass to share the tips and advice I've gathered over the years. It's for anyone who wants to look good and feel awesome.
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