layering the dress

prada sunglasses, lace, zipper via beauty and sassMaje and Sandro were two of my staples when I lived in Europe, so naturally I had to stop by those stores when I was in Paris last summer. I spotted this simple sleeveless black dress at Maje (that I pulled a lace top over for the pics) and loved the zipper detail and “fit and flare” silhouette. After much internal debating, I couldn’t justify the price because I couldn’t really think of anywhere to wear it to. How very practical of me, right?

Much later on I was “window” shopping at Bloomingdales in SF when I stumbled upon the Sandro & Maje section. I had no idea those brands were even available in the US! And to my delight, my Maje dress was there, on sale, and soon after, in my closet. I wore it to the little I could, but it mostly sat there… for awhile, a long while.

Typically when I shop, I buy items that can be worn for multiple occasions or in different ways. I was recently very inspired by one of my favorite bloggers layering techniques and have been pushing myself to be more creative in my styling. As I was doing some spring closet cleaning, I experimented with this Maje dress and realized it could be worn in so many different ways: with a denim jacket and flats to make it more casual, a sweater to accentuate the flared skirt for day or night, or even some opaque tights and a layered top to make it work appropriate (which only works depending on your office dress code and environment of course). Here I just layered on a lace crop top to give the dress a different feel on a cool but sunny San Francisco day.

By the way, everyone always asks me about these Prada sunglasses and I just noticed that they are now on sale!

maje front zip dress with lace crop top via beauty and sassMaje front zipper dress (very similar Maje dress here and I’m tempted by this other front zipper dress) // H&M lace crop top (old but Forever 21 has a similar lace top in a variety of colors – only $9!) // Diane Von Furtsenberg satchel // J.Crew leopard wedge pumps // Prada sunglasses (ON SALE!) // Swarovski earrings // MAC lipstick in Dubonnet

leopard wedge pumps via beauty and sassprada sunglasses via beauty and sassdiane von furstenberg bag with lace top and maje dress via beauty and sasslace dress with leopard wedgesPhotos by Dan Johnson

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