toning down office makeup with 4 easy steps

Natural Makeup for WorkImage via Pinterest

I’ve had a few instances over the last couple weeks that I looked in the mirror halfway through the work day and frightened myself. The makeup I put on in the morning, still half asleep, looked a cake-y and just too much for work.

I realized that while I was on sabbatical, I was spending my day working on the blog from home or getting mid-day workouts outside, so my makeup routine was mostly for the evening. Even though I have been sticking to the basics, the same foundation, blush, and lipstick is just too much for the office.

Natural looks with touches of color are more office appropriate. Some makeup is usually necessary to brighten the face and give that professional and polished look. While you never want to look over the top in the office, you also don’t want to look tired or unkempt. So, I’m adapting my daily office makeup routine to a simpler and more modest one.

simple office makeup routine

1. BB Cream (Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35): BB creams combine several different products into 1, a win for your morning makeup routine. It also provides a more natural coverage compared to the medium-full one that I wear during the evening. I do stick to the same brand – love the consistency and color options with Bobbi Brown.

2. Blush tint (Benefit Cosmetics Posietint (or a bronze color with Benefit Cosmetics Cha Cha Tint): Although this is an optional step depending on your skin tone, I always like to add a touch of color to my cheeks and Benefit tints add just the right amount.

3. Mascara (Bobbi Brown ‘No Smudge’ Mascara in black): Mascara is always a must, but you want to avoid clumps and the afternoon under eye shadow that comes from most mascaras – that’s why I always go smudge-proof.

4. Neutral lip (Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Chablis): I like to add a touch of matte color to my lips with these lip pencils… but I have to admit sometimes I will go with more color (a red or pink – totally appropriate as long it’s applied well).

To add concealer (which I usually do!), check out my concealer tutorial
To add some eyeliner to widen your eyes, check out my minimalist eye makeup tutorial

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One Response to toning down office makeup with 4 easy steps

  1. dressingd says:

    Great post & tips! I will be on the look out for the cha cha tint for my skin tone! I have found myself taking a tissue to my cheeks to tone down my blusher on occasion so this may do the trick! X d

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